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Holy baby shower! It was such a beautiful and surreal day for Alex and I… It was especially exciting because we had a combined gender reveal/baby shower. The anticipation was killer! And truly, I would say the guests were split pretty evenly between “team boy” and “team girl.” I was convinced it was a girl! How could it be that my motherly instincts were already so wrong, sweet baby is a….drumroll please…BOY! Definitely not a girl.. The sonogram photos are pretty definitive. Really though, we are so very happy. Alex was destined to be a father and I’m so excited to see him with a little buddy. And I am ready to embrace being a #boymom all the way!

Turns out I haven’t whipped out a blog post since our pregnancy announcement, but I assure you a few are bound to make their way here. I have shifted my work schedule to allow for more time at home to prepare for the arrival of our sweet boy. Hopefully we will nail down a name for the little guy too! Ha. Yes, its true, we don’t have a name yet! And despite the remarks I receive from those who do not understand why not yet- I love having something else exciting to look forward to!

Pregnancy has been so good to me throughout this second trimester and I’m currently working on putting together the nursery! Stay tuned for more updates! By the way, I apologize for the quality of some of the photos- some are from iphones!

x.o. Josie

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  • Reply Dani June 20, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    Truly an epic and beautiful shower!! You were glowing as always! I can not wait to see you and Alex as sweet parents to your baby boy! And yay to #boymom

    Xo Dani

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