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Anthropologie One of a Kind Vest

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Yarn vest Anthropologie (sold out but love this one) | Jeans Express | Booties Gap (similar) | Tee Loft | Shades Ray-Ban | Lip color Yves Saint Laurent | Watch Michael Kors (similar)

Statement pieces like this Anthro vest can turn a simple outfit into a statement outfit. I am sure many of you can relate to the following scenario: you’re shopping and find an out this world beautiful statement piece like a colorful scarf, funky shirt, or printed skirt and take it home only to find that it ends up sitting in your closet for months because it doesn’t go with any of your clothes! You love it, but aren’t wearing it because you have to create an outfit for it. I am often guilty of the same charge, but what I suggest is that you keep it simple. Chances are you already have the perfect pieces to compliment your unique statement piece. Often times, I feel my best when I take a fashion risk by wearing a statement piece because they set you apart from the ordinary!

x.o. Josie


Pink Heels Kind of Day

03082015_LOFT_BLACK-N-TEAL_0015004 03082015_LOFT_BLACK-N-TEAL_0020005 03082015_LOFT_BLACK-N-TEAL_0009003 03082015_LOFT_BLACK-N-TEAL_0002001 03082015_LOFT_BLACK-N-TEAL_0005002

Blouse Loft | Pants Loft | Oversized sweater South Moon Under | Heels BCBGeneration | Shades Ray Bans

I’m a big fan of pops of color…and this outfit I put together almost entirely from the Loft delivers the pops while staying balanced by the neutral pants and sweater. Sometimes I find myself hesitating when I mix colors, but I am always glad when I do because it adds interest and a great boost of energy to your look. Side note: I believe pink heels should be a staple in every girl’s closet!

x.o. Josie