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Floral Fall Maxi

FloralDress001 Can you believe it, this dress is already sold out! Actually, I have to say, I can believe it because it is seriously the prettiest thing ever. I’ve linked the other color/print options still available that are also darling. But, let’s cross our fingers that Free People restocks this number because it’s one that truly can’t be beat!

FloralDress002 FloralDress003 FloralDress004 FloralDress005 FloralDress006 FloralDress007 FloralDress008 FloralDress009 FloralDress010 FloralDress011 FloralDress012 FloralDress013 FloralDress014 Dress Free People | Heels Restricted | Lip color Anthropologie | Hat old see similar

I may keep this dress forever.. of course I will- I can’t imagine ever parting ways with it! I’m so sad that it already sold out before I could even get to creating this post.. I did have to alter the length of the sleeves a bit, and added in a zipper in the back because the last two loops with buttons went a tad to low down my back for my liking. If you are taller than 5’1 then that shouldn’t be a problem for you (and most of you are taller)! The length of it was fine as long as I wore a few inch tall heels with it. I am so drawn to pieces like this for my wardrobe because it’s a show stopper, an instant game changer, and works so well for tons of occasions.

I hope all of you have a great start to your week! I love hearing from you in your comments- thank you!

x.o. Josie